The goal of Christian meditation

The goal in Christian meditation is to enter into silence where God dwells. In the silence one can experience the intimate unity with God. Although we think we are in close intimacy, this unity is at most a touch by God. When one touches a pool of still water the ripples do not stop but keep on moving outwards. In the ecstasy of the silence the touch by God, which we experience as intimate unity, has the same effect. It resonates through our lives until this power which is love, brakes on the beaches of our lives. It was this experience that the women in Mark 5:27 had, when she touched Jesus and something flowed from Him through the women. Jesus then asked who touched me? The power of God flowed from Him through her and changed her life. She knew if she could only touch Him she would be healed. She is healed by His loving power flowing through her, leaving here trembling. To meditate is to enter into this healing unity.