New Webpage for Meditation Community

Dear Friends On January 1st – after many creative months of work and consultation – the new community website will be launched to mark the beginning of the Community’s 20th anniversary.

The address is the same:  But you will see many new features, especially the possibility of signing up as a ‘member’ online and asking to receive regular messages such as the weekly readings, the Tablet column or the weekly teachings and information about the many aspects of our life, teaching and the Meditatio outreach program.

Some reconstruction will continue for a while so please be patient if something familiar seems to be missing – or let us know if it doesn’t appear. The standard features are redesigned and reorganised and many new elements make the site both easier to navigate and more attractive to view – such as the new earth map showing our groups and a globe that tells you from what other countries people are visiting the site with you.

Please encourage your communities and groups to visit the site and sign up as members – they can choose how much information they wish to give and of course it is all held confidentially. And let us know if you have any comments, questions or contributions you would like to make.

Tomorrow, as we remember Fr John’s anniversary, we can reflect on the wonderful ways the community of love he imagined continues to come into being. Happy New Year – and may it allow us to share the journey and the fruits of our silence even more generously.

Much love

Fr Laurence

Walls of division?

Meditation knows no boundaries. Our small group gathered again this morning at 06:00 to meditate. The woman, who works for the owner of the house, joined us. Next week the owner will not be there. Our new member said it is no problem, we can continue our meditation. She will be there and she will see to it that the room is ready. It is these small miracles that give me hope, when people can sit in silence in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed He removes the walls of division. Maranatha

My children – Peace

This morning during my meditation I was thinking about my children. What if something happened to them today? Living in South Africa can be a challenging experience, especially for our children. Returning to my prayer word “Maranatha” I experienced a wonderful incomprehensible peace that came over me. My children belong to God in the first place. Whatever happens to them today, they are in God’s hands. This is the peace that silence and resting in God brings.

Again so many thoughts

If you are really good at meditation you will be able to meditate for more or less one minute before you are distracted by thoughts. Do not be discouraged, just keep on saying your mantra “Maranatha”. Return to your word without effort. Do not think about these distractions; is this normal, am I doing it correctly? Stick to the discipline. If you discover that you are really battling, speak to someone. Maybe there are things in your life that the Holy Spirit wants you to deal with.