The role of our hands in Meditation.

I have been creating/making things for others for many years. Be it a wedding dress, a tablecloth, a Christmas gift – you name it.
I have always said that creating or making something for another person is a way to ensure that I have that person in my mind for the whole period that I am busy with whatever creation. I tend to think about our relationship, about the person’s character and good qualities and usually also about our journey together.
I have, however, started with another form of “creation” a year or so ago. I took up a form of embroidery which is called “paint by the needle”. Not in my wildest dreams did I foresee how this new hobby would take my daily discipline of meditation to a deeper level.
Painting with the needle requires focus and therefore also, in some instances, withdrawal. Although I may sit in the same room as my husband, I would be busy with my own thoughts and the ritual of manipulating the needle and thread with my hands. My thoughts shifted from the person for whom I was painting the picture to God and his creation. My key thought is: If I love the people for whom I may be making something and have the hope that they will enjoy and protect whatever I am creating, how much must God love us if He made us responsible to look after and protect his creation? The rhythm of my hands and the colours of my pictures became the tools with which I experience God, His voice and His love at a deeper level and in silence. It makes me look differently at those that I love and those that I have never loved before. It makes me experience and respect the environment and all of creation so much more than before.
I am still at the beginning of this journey – I am convinced that there is so much more to come.
I attach a copy of the picture that I am currently busy with as this may give you some understanding of the reason for my deepened meditative journey.

Alta Theron
Alta Leeu