In each of our lives there comes a time when we get to hurt so desperately bad that there is not a corner in our hearts that is not raw and not a curve of our souls that does not weep. This time speaks of a devastation so deep and so real that it keeps us awake for many nights in a row, our anguish convincing us that this feeling will surely not pass.

There are many reasons for such hurt … bitterness, disappointment, pointless self-sacrifice, resentment, confusion … the list is long and it is easy to add words to it. When we are not the ones hurting, it is easy to command such lists as a form of therapeutic exercise. Be as it may, we have to know why we hurt and we have to search for the truths and untruths and everything and anything else that may be the cause of our pain. We have to fold and unfold our feelings and look everywhere. This in itself can cause more pain, layering the one wrong on top of the other until we get so consumed and there are too many thorns in our hearts when we breathe.

The real toffee is to pick through the hurt very carefully. The fact is that we have to address our issues whether we like it or not or whether we would prefer to shy away from it or not. The way in which we fight our battles and our ability to absorb the cuttings of swords say much about us. Often it is harder to accept that not everyone has the same understanding and wisdom needed to make life work, that some easily sacrifice what we deem rare and extremely dear. Sometimes we have to learn that all lessons are not necessarily valuable but in reality simply nothing more than painful. Sometimes we have to learn that the termination of a friendship or a relationship is more important than the preservation of it and we have to accept that we have to move along anyway because it is impossible to separate the hurt from the slights.

Then one day we open our eyes and we realise that nothing may be worth the effort. We realise that the one thing we all are supposed to celebrate about Life is the diversity in it. That is the day we realise that we all lack something or the other and that is exactly the thing that makes us human. On this day we realise that some just do not place the same value an importance on things as we do and that we have to step back and step away if we want to survive. On that day we know that we have miscalculated badly but that we have a choice, to mourn or to dry our eyes and change course.

This is the day on which we can say Enough, enough of the hurt and enough of the misery. When we know we are ready once more to accept tomorrow and all it will bring, we know that today had it’s purpose. When we can say we have had Enough, the ride on the banana peel has finally passed and we know we have had a unique opportunity to learn something and grow from it into a new direction. By Annalie