Spiritual Maturity

A good spirituality achieves two huge things simultaneously: It keeps God absolutely free, not bound by any of our formulas, and it keeps us utterly free ourselves, not forced or constrained by any circumstances. When these two great freedoms meet, we have a spiritual awakening. And the world opens up beneath our feet and above our heads. We are in a differently shaped universe.

Keeping God free (from bad teaching, fear, and doubt) and getting you free (from selfishness, victimhood, and childhood wounds) is the big rub and the lifelong task.

Like two super magnets, when the two freedoms are achieved simultaneously—even for a millisecond—they grab onto one another and, as in nuclear fusion, an explosion results. It is without doubt the change that changes everything. It is both divine lovemaking and human ecstasy. E-mail from http://www.mysoulprovider.org/


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